February Vacation

The only time I don’t like Friday is at the end of vacation week. Can it really be Friday? Did I sufficiently relax?

One thing I did get done this week which will make my classroom life a little easier was to sort through boxes of papers that have been accumulating around my desk at school. You know how that gets, right? The office hands you notices, colleagues make copies for you of something interesting they found, you make copies of student papers that you never quite get to because the 8 year olds in your class acted like 8 year olds and messed up the timing of your lessons, portfolio pieces stack up without making it into portfolios. I sorted through boatloads of paper, and still have a bag full to go. But, I did organize and fill student portfolio files with papers from those stacks and am developing some lessons that will help students organize and reflect upon their work. I wrote the first week of lessons for our next Math Unit that revolves around student exploration and conversation to support the work we’ve been doing around “accountable talk”.  I sorted through the Math box and organized materials for Math Centers that will, if all goes well, better support student practice in the areas where they need more practice. Today’s goal is to organize a way to wrap up the literacy unit so we can jump into poetry. Oh yeah, and I have to upload evidence of my fabulous teaching so my supervisors can justify my salary to the press.

I do all this during February “vacation” because the school day does not allot the time and my family schedule demands I come home after school.

I do this during my off hours because it will make my on hours easier.

I do this now because I plan to actually take an April vacation – somewhere without stacks of paper.

I hope all my teacher friends are enjoying winter breaks.Image


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