Why I hate Pinterest

Like many teachers on summer vacation, I’ve spent a bit of time browsing through Pins to get ideas for classroom design and learning centers and I have come to the conclusion that Pinterest sucks.

Do those teachers have children who need to be driven anywhere or who throw up in the driveway as you are pushing them out to the bus stop; do they ever make dinner for their family? You gotta wonder when they have the time to color coordinate their second grade classroom right down to the file folders and pushpins. I often don’t have the time to color coordinate my outfit (crazy color day during Spirit week was just a normal Wednesday for me).

And then I try to imagine the hands-folded, please-and-thank-you saying, independent, rule-following students that work in those rooms and never throw a crayon box across the room in frustration or tip over a chair because that would mess with the feng shui. I had a student like that once.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that I had a meeting with my principal last spring about how to organize my room to minimize the number of things my emotionally-disturbed student could knock over. Should I Pin some of the ideas we came up with? I could title the board “Ideas to minimize damage from violent outbursts.”

I don’t mean to complain about the students in my class. You can guess that the little Tasmanian Devil in my room was one of my favorite kids – it’s always the way. But I do have to admit that Pinterest was making me feel like a failure who can’t even keep the pencil jar full never mind plan for monthly bulletin boards, all with coordinating borders.

I’m still going to look at Pinterest for all the great garden pictures (no, my garden doesn’t look like those, either) and to save the ideas I want to build on. But before I browse, I think I’ll talk to my girls and kiss my husband and grab the top one from my stack of books and walk in my garden (dead-heading as I do) and call my sister and take a walk with my friend and make a meal and watch a movie and write in my journal and exercise and maybe even clean out my car (OK, that last one was sort of a joke) and just think of all the wonderful things that take up my time. And next month, I’ll use some of the Pins and all of the notes I made throughout the past year and attempt to design a classroom that will welcome my new group of second graders (and discourage throwing furniture).

A very un-Pinterest worthy view of my room last Spring, after a post-meltdown clean-up.

A very un-Pinterest worthy view of my room last Spring, after a post-meltdown clean-up.


One thought on “Why I hate Pinterest

  1. I am caught up at the moment looking through Pinterest for ideas for my time on prac and future classroom. It doesn’t seem to matter what stage of life you are in, time is always an issue. You work with what you have at the time; you do the best you can to make the environment as inviting and serviceable as possible with the resources available to you. We will always find someone who does it better or worse than yourself. Be encouraged that you excel in different areas – blogging maybe?

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