strategic absence

I have 4 very difficult boys in my class, a bad case of mean girl drama with 3, 2 who egg others on, 5 who are easily distracted and not all easily put back on track, 7 typical 4th graders and 1 “can’t we all just follow every last school rule 100% of the time” kid. So, you’ll understand when I admit that I did a little happy dance when M was absent today. One strategic absence, in this case one of the top 4, makes a big difference in my day.

Too many needy personalities in one place is exhausting. Take one away and the burden of the others seems so much less.

This may not be what the Dalai Lama means when he talks about shifting your perspective, but with just one of those stressors removed I feel like I’m better able to empathize with the difficulties of being a 9 year old living with all sorts of difficult situations at home and trying to keep it together at school. I can change the context in which I see their tough behaviors, and so change my reaction to them.

Thanks for the day off, M.

See you tomorrow.


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