Kneeknock Rise

It seemed right to pick up a Newbury Honor winner for my next Book A Day Challenge. I’ve read Tuck Everlasting but I don’t think I’ve read anything else from Natalie Babbitt. Knee knock Rise is a short book, which will make it appealing to a few readers in my class, and a bit of a mystery, which will appeal to a few others.

The Megrimum has been a part of Instep for as long as anyone can remember, a moaning spirit that is delightfully spooky and keeps everyone on their toes in town. The feared monster is the highlight of the annual Fair where folks hope for the bad weather that will wake the beast and send him moaning down to terrorize townsfolk and visitors alike.

Teased by his cousin, Egan decides to climb Kneeknock Rise (a delightfully descriptive name) and defeat the Megrimum once and for all. The results of his adventure are not quite what he expected, nor what I expected, which makes it a good read.

At a level S, and only 118 pages, this is an easy sell to even a reluctant fourth grade reader.


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