2nd Grade Germs

I think Nate was patient zero.

Last Wednesday, he came in sneezing constantly. I spent the day sanitizing surfaces and reminding him to wash his hands. I sent a note home with him to let Mom know how difficult his day had been, hoping she would keep him home on Thursday for some rest and vitamin C. Nope, he came to school, sneezey and exhausted. No fever, though, so the nurse wouldn’t send him home. I sanitized, and sent another note. He stayed home Friday, but it was too late.

Monday morning I marked 5 children absent and by the afternoon had sent two more home sick. Tuesday morning I marked eight students absent, on Thursday six, and on Friday five. And every day, I sent at least one child home early.

Room 102 had been hit by elementary school germs. Hard.

And now, so have I.

I felt fine at school Monday but by the time I arrived home I felt like I had been carrying three bags of concrete all day. I was exhausted, and sore, and completely useless to my family. Greg ordered a pizza for the girls and I sat on the couch catching up on some TV. I felt a little better Tuesday and Wednesday but by Thursday afternoon I was done for. I barely made it through school on Friday.

But I made it and now, on Saturday morning I’m sitting on the couch, tall glass of orange juice and a box of Puff Lotion tissues, sneezing, looking at my computer screen through watery eyes, ready to post my report cards.

Patient Zero? He’s doing just fine, thank you.