losing my cool

So I kept it together all morning, through students making messes and straying off track and asking what they were supposed to do after I just gave the directions for the second time. And I didn’t yell once when they were throwing stuffed animals instead of reading, or when I checked the notebooks to find that only 4 out of my 21 students finished their writing, or even when one student returned from the dentist sobbing because the dentist did not give her a sticker. I kept an even tone when the boys climbed up the basketball net at recess and when they pushed into each other in line and even when they complained about having to do Math.

When did I yell?

When the principal was walking by, of course.

And all I could think was, at least my evaluation was already posted.


Here’s to April Vacation and the refresh I need.


Our messy but quiet classroom when the kids were at Specials today.